Advocacy Through Creativity: Oliver Youth Counter-Ad Workshops 

MICA’s Center for Social Design partnered with Behavioral Health System Baltimore to facilitate a series of design workshops exposing Baltimore City youth to design and media literacy through first-hand experiences, relationship building, and a transfer of knowledge and skills. Collaboratively, MICA students and Baltimore City youth have created a series of counter-ad campaigns to encourage their peers to think twice before participating in underage drinking.

Advocacy Through Creativity: Online book.



Sippin’ Stupid

Liquor Stories Project

It’s kind of sad. People who do drugs and drink just look like zombies. It’s sad to see that.

Deasia McIntosh, age 13, Pleasant View Gardens

People loiter outside of the building in order to see children walk by. There are drug dealers, junkies that could go in there and actually buy the liquor for them if they just pay them a little more. .

Myles Haley, age 18, Hartford Road

The Liquor stores in my neighborhood are kinda rowdy and out of control. It’s like they don’t care. There kids that are trying to go to school, they’re not doing anything to help them. They’re tryna get the kids out of school to buy the liquor. .

Darius Farrar, age 14, Aberdeen, MD

What I would do is move it. I wouldn’t let it stay in a child’s neighborhood because a child will go in there for like chips, juice, and then, as they get older, they’re gonna want liquor. Then they’re going to pass it down to their children.

Michael Cummings, age 14, Oliver

It’s really irritating. Every store round my way be right next to each other. It ain’t right. It infects the community more than you think it do. If you see and look and pay attention it’s kind of setting us up for failure.

Amira Winchester, age 13, Chapel