Mission of Drug Free Baltimore

The Coalition’s mission statement adheres to the elements of the DFC requirements of a principal mission being the reduction of youth substance use because the Coalition mission statement is to make youth our now by developing wholistic systems and services to prioritize youth substance use. The Coalition uses a peer-2-peer youth development and youth leadership strategy which is comprehensive and long-term through implementation of the Seven Strategies for Community Level Change and adherence to the Strategic Prevention Framework. Youth are the heartbeat of the Coalition.


South East Baltimore Drug-Free Community Coalition (the Coalition) was organized after a change in strategy for the SAMHSA-funded Maryland Strategic Prevention Framework II (MSPF 2) grant awarded to the Maryland Department of Health to address underage drinking in Baltimore City. With the previous SAMSHA-funded MSPF 1, the project was community-based and supported by community coalitions. In 2015, with the MSPF 2 grant award, the City’s private non-profit agency funded to implement the MSPF award shifted strategies from a community-based focus to an agency administered strategy; meaning the private, non-profit agency used its existing staff to operate the MSPF program and discontinued relations with the community coalitions. Needless to say, the agency staff lacked the ability to connect with indigenous community youths. As such, an existing funded DFC, the East Baltimore DFC, began mobilizing community stakeholders to plan a comprehensive community-based (grassroots level) prevention strategy for Baltimore City to reduce youth substance use. From this convening, the South East Baltimore DFC Coalition was established in May 2015. In 2020 with successful communications with youth and later with the CDC, South East Baltimore Drug Free Coalition’s name was changed to Drug Free Baltimore.

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We provide prevention for all Baltimore City and one of our main focus service areas is Cherry Hill


Cherry Hill is a community located in the southern section of Baltimore, Maryland. The area is generally bounded to the North by Waterview Avenue/Hanover Street, Southeast by the Patapsco River, Southwest by the City boundary and West by Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Zip Codes: 21225,21226,21230